by Wisteria

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released August 11, 2015

Wisteria is Kyle O'Connor. All songs, with the exception of Track 7, written and recorded by Kyle O'Connor.



all rights reserved


Wisteria New Brunswick, New Jersey

This isn't punk at all.


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Track Name: Frankly
My girl Annie she's a sweet little girl
She's got long, blonde hair and a smile that curls

My girl Annie has a dog in her bed
He likes to wake his tail and bother her head

Annie is no good for me

My girl Annie likes to wake me at night
She tells me all her little problems about the guys in her life
When she talks her voice sorta mumbles from
The bad phone connection or the dog with the gun
Annie is a girl that is good to me
But she won't tell if she is falling for me
Track Name: Marty McFly
I should tell you right now, dear
Thought about you more than not
I guess that's what happens
when you care a whole lot

And I saw you with that new boy
Your arms around him
I crept back into bed
Just a boy covered in sin

I don't see a future
where I don't fall for you
And I don't know if you still
feel the way I do

I don't see a reason why I still talk to you
I don't know love the way I loved you

We don't have to talk, dear
We don't have to speak
You found your bliss
and I am just weak

We're all vulnerable kids
Living paper thin lives
Everyone deals with everything
When gravity stops
Track Name: Seesaw
Covers over your eyes
Laying in a bed of lies
I feel a sense of ecstasy
When youre lying next to me

I feel a sense of security
All I can see

If I could change your mind
You'd never want to leave my side
I loved you then
As I love you now
I just want to remember how
You felt that night
Inside my bed
Your troubled thoughts were out your head

All I can see
All I can see
I never wanted to set you free
All I can see
All I can see
Just love me now or leave me be
Track Name: Clarity
I like your pretty teeth
They remind me when I was not so weak
And I see them glare inside my head
They remind me that some people are better off dead

And I like your curly hair
It reminds me of a time when I was always there
And I see it dance around and frolic about the air
God sometimes I wish that my father still did care

And I hear your voice in the dark
It reminds me where I left my car in park
And I can't hear the engine so far away
But I can still hear your pretty voice come and say
Track Name: Say/Said
You say
"I'll never look at you that way
But I think about that night every day"

You say
"Just go your own way
And I'll go mine like before"

Maybe I'm not the one you wanted
Maybe I'm not the one you hoped that I'd become

You say
"I don't regret a single thing"
But you won't accept my heart or diamond ring

Maybe I smoke too many cigarettes
Maybe I'm out of my head quite a bit
Maybe I'm not cut out for living after all